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Once again, the DENR – Camarines Norte prove its worth by having accomplished all its major targets and significant outputs including the management of priority programs and projects  as well as conservation/protection of existing natural resources that leads to the continues development of various ecosystems within the province.

For CY 2011, the combine efforts of DENR Camarines Norte personnel and staff accomplished major reforms and initiatives towards the fulfillment of goals and objectives as far as accomplishment of various activities is concern. This office endeavors resulted in the timely implementation of various plans and programs which are very important in the delivery of basic services to the identified clientele.   Indeed the past year accomplishment of the Office once and for all showed that every activities if given an ample time to accomplished and at the same time the culture of working together proved very significant in the attainment of goals of the DENR Camarines Norte relative to the wise use of natural resources that promote national growth, alleviate poverty, and provide opportunities to the poor.

ngpsitePriority programs and activities conducted by the Office that generated a very sounding positive result is the implementation of National Greening Program (NGP), a project that uplift the living condition of the upland dwellers and reduce poverty in the upland and low land poor household, the indigenous people, and coastal/urban areas. The project at same time developed upland areas thru the introduction of forest /fruit tree species that will later provide foods, goods, and other services will mitigate climate change and expand forest cover. For CY 2011 the DENR – Camarines Norte was able to developed 641.286 ha. of various ecosystems areas with a total planters of 3,215 and about 413,448 assorted seedlings planted in the given area as  far as NGP Project implementation is concern. This developed areas are being maintained and protected by the identified Organizations with the continuous technical assistance provided by the PENRO/CENRO Office.

The continues implementation and monitoring of Bicol River Basin Watershed Management Project (BRBWMP) was another activity wherein the Office is working for. The project  contribute to the restoration of the province denuded forest lands through different rehabilitation approached like Upland Reforestation, Assisted Natural Regeneration and Agroforestry by contract with Non Government Organizations (NGO’s), People Organizations (POs) and Local Government Units (LGUs) was likewise a significant accomplishment of the Office and which is consider  as one of the major project of the DENR in the Bicol Region for the year.

i-1For this year, the Office is continuously monitoring established twenty three (23)projects under BRBWMP Projects i.e. Two (2)  Agro-forestry Projects with a total area of 206 ha. Six (6) Assisted Natural Regeneration Projects with a total area of 1,083 ha.; Ten (11)  Upland Reforestation Projects with a total area of 1,287 ha. and Two  (3)Plantation Maintenance and Protection Projects with a total of 522 ha. These contracted projects were still maintained by the identified contractors and are being monitored/inspected of its accomplishments by the DENR with the assistance of the concern/ PO’s/NGO’s.

Development of existing watershed in the Bicol region lies on the implementation of the project the Libmanan - Pulantuna Watershed Management Project (LPWMP) located into the two municipalities of Basud, and San Lorenzo Ruiz, Camarines Norte. The project boost the continues protection and management activities of existing watershed areas/head waters of the province by the concern LGU’s with the technical assistance of the DENR - Camarines Norte.

i-2Concern LGU’s were able to implement various environmental sub-projects in their identified project areas i.e. River Bank Stabilization Project (15.0 ha.) Tiger Grass Broom making (20 ha.) and Agroforestry Projects (126 ha.) in the municipality of Basud, Camarines Norte. For  San Lorenzo Ruiz, Camarines Norte on the other hand,  LPWMP provides  the  continues source of potable water in the locality and assured  properly that said headwaters are properly protected. Projects being implemented in the area as far as LPWMP is concern includes, the Rattan Plantation Establishment (50 ha.) Agroforestry Project (150 ha.) and Bamboo Plantation Project (54.0 ha.). Likewise, with the continues implementation of World Bank Funded Bicol Natural Park Rehabilitation Project located at

Brgy.Sooc –Lupi, Camarines Sur provide rehabilitation to patches of open areas in the project site.  The Sooc Sagip Gubat at Buhay Organization (SSGBO) was able to developed 195 ha. reforestation area from the targeted 238 ha. Pili seedlings, bamboo and narra were introduced in the area as part of the area development activities. So far the PO were still conducting maintenance and protection activities to the implemented projects mainly to rehabilitate   portion of denuded areas within the said natural park.

i-3As far as the continues implementation of the Upland Development Projects (UDP), the Office conducted continues monitoring of related activities at the previously established226.0 ha. plantation development at Brgy. Matacong, San Lorenzo Ruiz planted with various fruit bearing trees/forest trees and high valued vegetable crops that benefits the upland farmers. Also established15.0 ha. Mangrove Plantations at Mambalite, Daet, Camarines Norte. The Fifteen (15) family beneficiaries were regularly monitored during the period. Likewise, the 47 has/family Assisted Natural Regeneration Upland Development Project (ANR – UDP) family approached project located at Brgy. TulaynaLupa, Labo, Camarines Norte was also monitored as part of the maintenance activities of the project. The projects was mainly established to help uplift the  living condition of the upland as a way of alleviating poverty and at the same time conservation and protection of our existing natural resources.

In relation to the implementation of CARP-Funded Project, for CY 2011, three (3) new projects were approved for implementation namely: BAMPCO ( Water shed Reforestation Through Agro-forestry Development and Pili-Indigenous Tree Plantation Project); KMMBK ( Citronella and Pili Agro-forestry Development Project); and MATPA ( Rambutan based Agro-forestry Project ).

i-4However, with regards to the completeness and turn-over of projects, all except for BUFAI and GMPC and the newly approved 2011 projects have successfully completed their project and some P.O. like that of CPEU-FAI and BAMPCO are on their second project implementation. BUFAI requested  extension of the their project because of the delay they encountered in producing Cinnamon locally known as “kalingag”  seedlings due to non availability of seeds in 2010. All CARP projects are regularly monitored by CBFM staff of the CENRO and PENRO and that of RCBFMO5. 


The year 2011 was quite very memorable to DENR – Camarines Norte, wherein the new DENR – Cam. Norte first floor buildings were now occupied by the CENRO personnel and staff. However, final touches are being made on the second floor of the building for PENRO’s occupancy this coming February 2012. With the construction of said establishments the DENR – Camarines Norte, were in the high morale of providing basic services to the identified clienteles as far as environmental related activities is concern. 



 The institutions religious implementation of various environmental projects in line with the thrust and mandate of the Office is a very healthy sign that good governance exist in the organization. Missions and objectives of the office are well executed and highly accomplished as all targeted activities within the institutions are properly done. It is a well known fact that the people behind the organization are working hand in hand without any sign of discomfort, as their focus lies on the accomplishing the programs of the office. The attitude of transparency, accountability and total participation of its member of the organization resulted to the very satisfactory performance of the employee leading to the accomplishment of assigned activities and programs. On the other hand, provisions of incentives and other forms of compensations are well provided by the Office to the people behind the successful accomplishment of different endeavors for the year.

All of these accomplishments were made possible through the effort, cooperation and commitment of all the DENR personnel and the unselfish support from the different government agencies, NGO’s, LGU’s, students and academes to involved in these programs, projects and activities by the Office our thrust and mandate. That is to protect, develop and conserve our remaining forest which is an endeavor and milestones that we will continue to the succeeding years. 



Community Based Forest Management

For several years, CBFM operates on a very meager budget as if social dimension of upland development is not a thrust program. It was through the assistance of CBFM CARP funded projects that our operation is augmented by the Project Management and Supervision Cost provided in the CARP projects from 2007 to the present. However, with the implementation of the National Greening Program (NGP), turn around on site development within CBFM  and CSC areas took place. 

i-6Under the National Greening Program (NGP), a total target of 65 hectares cover CBFM areas of CPEU –FAI, and 490 hectares CSC sites broken down as follows: 210 has. in Brgy. San Isidro;  20 has. in Brgy.  Matacong, San Lorenzo Ruiz; 70 has. in  Brgy. San Felipe;  30 has. in  Brgy Caayunan;  30  has. in Brgy. Lidong  and 10 has. in Brgy. Pagsangahan,  Basud;  and 20 has.  Brgy.  Masalong-salong,  Mercedes;  30 has. in Brgy. Asdum,  20 has. in Brgy. Fabrica  and 50 has. in Brgy. San Jose,  San Vicente. These sites are covered with soon to expire CSCs’, subject for assessment and validation for the next few months, if ever funding be allocated for the purpose. 

Different Focal Persons were designated to oversee NGP implementation within the Bicol speaking towns of Camarines Norte under the 2nd congressional district. For CBFM site, NGP was awarded to CPEU-FAI, a community driven mode of implementation, unlike those 490 CSC lots that were clustered to form at least 10 hectares were implemented through Family Approach by no less than the CSC holders themselves. 

Since 2007, the office is benefitting from the 12 different project proposals funded by CARP.  So far, nine (9) different P.Os’ received assistance from CARP like 1.) TKFPI, (Agro-forestry Expansion Project); 2.) CPEU-FAI (Upland Rice Production and Fruit Orchard Agro-forestry Project and Abaca cum Mahogany Agro-forestry Project;  3.) MUFFIN (Kawayan Tinik and Anahaw Agro-forestry Project; 4.) AMWAI (Salago, Abaca & Fruit Orchard Agro-forestry Project); 5.) BUFAI (Cinnamon/ Kalingag and Pili Agro-forestry Project); 6.) BAMPCO  (Water shed Reforestation Through Agro-forestry Development and Pili-Indigenous Tree Plantation Project); 7.) MCDAI (Rattan- Abaca Agro-forestry Development Project); 8). GMPC (Integrated Abaca Based Agro-forestry Project) ;  9.) KMMBK (Citronella and Pili Agro-forestry Development Project); and 10.) MATPA (Rambutan based Agro-forestry Project ).

All CARP Projects is backed up with corresponding Socio-Economic Survey among P.O beneficiaries as baseline data to reckon with that would determine the socio-economic contribution of the project in the community/ members. Except for the three newly approved 2011 projects,  that of KMMBK, MATPAI and GMPC, all have undergone SES.

i-7With regards to the completeness and turn-over of projects, all except for BUFAI and the newly approved 2011 projects have successfully completed their project and some P.O. like that of CPEU-FAI and BAMPCO are on their second project implementation. BUFAI requested  extension of the their project because of the delay they encountered in producing Cinnamon locally known as “kalingag” seedlings due to non availability of seeds in 2010. All CARP projects are regularly monitored by CBFM staff of the CENRO and PENRO and that of RCBFMO5. 

The year 2011 is also an extra ordinary year for CBFM, because though central-based fund was released in the past two years to support the activities intended for the validation and assessment of expired and soon to expire Certificate of Stewardship Contracts (CSC), targets were given to CENRO for CSC validation that would cover 1st& 2nd Quarter, with an assurance that corresponding budget will be released. These forced us to work double time in assessing the target CSC sites for validation, that of CSC issued in Mercedes and Capalonga. However, there was a revision made in the 3rd quarter, deleting the target for CSC validation but having additional targets that focused on strengthening Peoples Organization and documentation of CBFM best practices among the P.O.  It was only during the inception of a National CBFM Congress  came into the picture that we found out that many P.Os’ status of registration  with the SEC, and CDA are expired and  delisted. Here under is the summary of POs’ in Camarines Norte. 

And mostly, Community Based Resources Management Project (CBRMP) managed by LGUs’  issued with CBFMA that covered upland and mangrove were mostly in-active, delisted and with expired registration as  a legitimate Peoples Organization. The office has difficulty in reviving the POs’ because it was the LGU of Basud, Talisay, Paracale and Vinzons Camarines Norte who organized them. Five CBRM P.Os’ are in good standing with DOLE though delisted with SEC and ten in-active, delisted and no registration on process.  For DENR, 14 organized P.Os’ ,  six are in good standing, registered with SEC, CDA & DOLE and five  on-process registration and three in-active. 

DENR managed CBFM sites have also encountered three P.O’s with expired registration with no efforts of reviving their registration with SEC as of this period.  These are KALIPI, LABKA and LECDA. Initial coordination with these P.Os’ has been done but due to various reasons like many of its officers are too old and could no longer function, that since  the issuance of CBFMA to them in 1998 no follow-up project was availed by them thus, resulting to inactiveness, no funding support to revive the PO. and lastly, distance of the site. The three sites of KALIPI, LECDA and LABKA are located in  far flung barangays.  Site assessment and consultation among the P.O’s general membership should be done to determine the current status of the  three CBFM sites and further determine the zeal and performance of the P.O. and check if ever the P.O. is still existing and functioning in conformity with the CBFMP objectives. Prior to such move, allocation of funds should be assured for the suggested site assessment of in-active CBFM sites and consultation.  The 16  P.Os’ in good standing actively supports DENR programs.

There are also three P.Os’, that of MATPA, KMMBK and GMPC, though non CBFMA holders are beneficiaries of CARP project in their respective agro-forestry areas. KMMBK and GMPC are two affiliated P.Os’ of TKFPI, while MATPAI is a CSC  farmer organization.

Because of so much attention and empowerment being  given now a days to People’s Organization,  central-based funds were allocated  supporting P.O. forum, strengthening activities like trainings and documentation of best practices  of the P.O. in CBFM sites development.  particularly in agro-forestry, organizational development and financial management.

i-8The office conducted three meetings of P.O. Federation conducted on September 05, 2011 where new set of officers for Cam Norte CBFM PO Federation were elected.   Headed by Restutiles Glipo of BAMPCO as President, Wilfredo Endionela of TKFPI as Vice President, Nelida Gutierrez of MCDAI as Secretary, Jose Villalon of AMWAI as Treasurer, Auditor Isabelo Maigue of BUFAI and PIO Jose Arnel Endionela of GMPC &Manuel Jalgalado of MUFFIN, Buss. Mgrs. Ramil Raviz of Camada & Richard Villaspin of KMMBK.   Another meeting was held on October 07, 2011 in preparation for the Pre CBFM National Congress. This time P.Os’ were reminded of the status of their registration with SEC, CDA or DOLE . Submission of new sets of project proposals were also tackled. And lastly, on November 17, 2011 when “Training on P.O Strengthening” was held at Tin-Tin  Apartelle. Resource Persons invited are Assistant Revenue District Officer Modesto Avila of BIR, Rina Enriquez of DOLE who discussed the role of DOLE as registering agency, procedures and mechanics of registration and lastly, Cooperative Development Officer Linda Valera all about cooperatives. Such training really open the eyes of  the P.O. that knowing the roles of the three agencies would really strengthen their capacities in community development. 

Lastly, the documentation of CBFM best practices for the province was represented by Bayabas Multi-Purpose Community Organization ( BAMPCO). A video presentation backed-up with a short write ups was completed and submitted at the RCBFMO5. Luckily, it was also in Camarines Norte where a CBFM success story that would represent Region 5 was chosen, that of TKFPI. Project documentation, interviews, video presentation was made by RCBFMO5. Chosen presentor for Region 5 is Wilfredo Endionela, Chairman of TKFPI, who will present in the forthcoming CBFM National Congress to be held in Fontana, Clark, Pampanga the CBFM Success story of Region 5.  Special guest of this event is no other than President Benigno Aquino. 


Forest Land Use and Resources Utilization

The year’s targets were made possible through the commitment and active support of personnel assigned in the Forest Utilization Unit.  Despite of trials, hindrances and difficulties, the unit was able to accomplish the target for CY 2011 with 213% accomplishment.  Among the activities were: 1) Operation and maintenance of FIS database wherein a total of  16 Certificate Tree Plantation Ownership  (CTPO) were encoded in the database; 2) Issuance of Tenurial instruments, licenses and permits with  161 applications processed with final actions which include PD 953 certification and personal use certification, Ordinary Minor Forest Products (OMFP), CTPO and Chainsaw Registration; 3) Review, assessment and monitoring of SIFMA of Tatay Marcial at Villa San Isidro, Sta. Elena, Camarines Norte with an area of 15 hectares; 4) Monitoring of price and production of forest products which include nipa shingles, plywood, rough  lumbers, split bamboo, sawali, wood charcoal, lawanit and other forest products sold by the legitimate dealers in the province; 5) Preparation of monthly statistical report; and 6) Revenue collection with a total of Php 362,023.86  revenue generated from forest charges and  administrative fees such as certification fee, oath fee, inspection fee and application fee.

The unit also conducted monthly inventory and monitoring of lumber stocks of registered lumber dealers in the province, issuance of land certification; and submission of other reports.




 Forest Protection and Law Enforcement

 For 2011 the Unit and the PA staff regularly conducted a foot patrol/ground monitoring on untenured forestlands/surveillance i-13operation in the area covering of about 49,496 hectares with the ratio per forest ranger of about 6,187 hectares. Apprehension of abandoned lumber or a total of 3,676 board feet and 1,140 sacks of undocumented wood charcoal and seventeen (17) conveyances. These were all subjected to Administrative Confiscation Proceeding consistent with DAO No. 97 -32 while five (5) cases was filed before the Prosecution Office for the 3,933.75 board feet of lumber and 31 sacks of wood charcoal.

Included in that case filed were, a case armed with Approved Search Warrant for the 542 pcs or3,442.20 bdft. while another case was subjected to Inquest Proceeding before the PPO for the apprehended 4x4 Nissan Patrol SUV vehicle loaded with undocumented 10 pcs or 94.99 bdft. of Narra lumber.

The seizure of 76 pcs. or 3,782 board ft. of Derigcalin species although supported with legal and valid documents issued by CENRO Sipocot C.Sur, still it was subjected to ACP due to questionable and misleading origin of lumber. The case was investigated and an ocular site inspection was conducted actually in the area described in the shipment documents. Another seizure  of 500 sacks of wood charcoal despite supported with legal and valid documents from CENRO Sipocot, still it was subjected to ACP due to the shipment is outside the prescribed route.

The confiscation of one (1) head of live carabao, one (1 chainsaw and one (1) axe used in the commission of the crime of illegal cutting of trees and one (1) unit Heavy equipment of Dredging Machine used in illegal mining along Busigon River by Chinese nationals and this cased was endorsed to the local police force since mining exploration functions was devolved o LGU.

Forest Rangers assigned in the unit were tasked to attend barangay assemblies/sessions to give updates on policies, Forestry Laws, Rules and Regulations. Investigate and resolved the decade long issues/problems of boundary dispute between participants of CBFM  and also illegal settlers/occupants of the mangrove areas, perform land verification and issuance of certification of land status.

Attended court duty and/or acted as government witness in the prosecution of the case filed in court for violation of Forestry laws. Investigation and effected the seizure of these apprehensions made by the PNP and other law enforcement agencies.

Likewise, the Office is in close coordination with the Philippine National Policeof different municipalities in the province of Camarines Norte related to forest protection. During apprehensions and confiscation by the concern police authorities, the DENR Cam. Norte personnel always make it a point to be with the group to perform such tasked. The Office is committed to minimize if not totally stop illegal logging activities within this province.




Patents issued under this activity is granted to owners of residential lands pursuant to Republic Act 730 (implemented by Lands Adm. Order No. 19 as amended by P.D. 2004 in relation to Chapter IX of Commonwealth Act 141, as amended.

Camarines Norte’s target for the year under review is two (2) lots which was surpassed by 400%.

Hereunder is the list of patentees under Miscellaneous Sales Patent:







Poblacion Sur, Paracale




Plaridel, Jose Panganiban




Poblacion I, Basud




Brgy. III, Daet




Poblacion Norte, Paracale



Several school expressed desire to avail of this program, however, constraint lies on the   school’s submission of clearances and documents in support of their application for Special Patent.



This activity has been 100% accomplished favorably endorsing two (2) applications with CSW Report at the Regional Office for issuance of Special Patent which are as follows:

  1. 1.BUREAU OF INTERNAL REVENUE situated in Poblacion, Talisay, Camarines Norte
  1. 2.MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT OF TALISAY situated in Poblacion, Talisay, Camarines Norte.

The BIR’s application as per application information has already been endorsed by the Department to the Office of the President.


This activity was likewise accomplished. Both reports were endorsed to the Regional Office.


Please attached annexes on Foreshore Lease Application Revocable Permit Application.


Due to difficulty in submitting requirements for lease only two applications were submitted in the name of UNI-DRAGON MINING INC.


 Despite numerous campaigns done by this office only 112 application were issued patents with an area of 200.1045 hectares. According to them, because of financial constraints, food, education and health are their family’s  main concern. Other needs like payment of taxes and land titling are their least priority and can only be given attention if they have extra money.


Because of difficulty in obtaining title under the Judiciary, this program was expected to be to be availed by many people. However, due to the financial crisis being felt in our country the number of titles issued was only 171 patent with an area of 51,640 sq.m. out of the 663 target patents. With the numerous information dissemination done by this office, it is expected that more will avail of this program this year.



As far as on two (2) identified protected areas the BNP and AMMNBA is concern,  activities accomplishments  was quite significant and remarkable. For AMMNBA, the PA staff together  with the WEO religiously conducted forest protection related activities i.e. strengthened linkaging with LGU and other Law Enforcement Unit, conducted regular IEC and attended barangay assemblies. Bicol Natural Park was divided into two (2) PAMB area, the Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte side. Continuous barangay assemblies were conducted within the areas and adjoining timberlands. Regular PAMB meetings were also conducted wherein some issues and problems were discussed contributed in the sustainable protection particularly the Bicol Natural Park. Moreover, meetings with concerned barangay council and IEC related activities conducted by the Office headed by the CENR Officer in areas adjacent to the BNP proved worthy enough as far as protection of the park is concerned. In addition to the protection of entire Bicol Natural Park, the presence of ten (10)  Bantay Gubat boost or support  the actual protection of some areas within Bicol Natural Park prone for forest destruction. In addition, part of the Bantay Gubat activities is the conduct of census of illegal settlers in the said park.

PAMB Resolution’s Approved and Submitted

  1. 1.PAMB Resolution no.# 1-2011


Transfer of management and operation of BNP Sur Side to DENR-CENRO Sipocot and recommending for Boni Azur and PASU of BNP Sur side.

  1. 2.PAMB Resolution no.# 2-2011

A resolution approving the increase of entrance fee of Bahi resort from P5.00 to P10.00 and imposing an entrance of P10.00 per individual visitors who wish to visit Mother Tree to support IPAF generation of BNP.

  1. 3.PAMB Resolution no.# 3-2011

A resolution requesting the DENR-Central office at Visayas Ave. Diliman, QC to please provide one(1) unit Vehicle for the day to day operation of BNP.

  1. 4.PAMB Resolution no.# 4-2011

A resolution supporting the implementation of NCEP in BNP.

  • Conducted SRPAO for Camarines Norte and Sur Side – reports/submitted to RO.
  • Conducted re-inventory of Bamboo plantation w/in buffer zone of BNP.
  • Implemented NGP projects in Brgy. Tuaca, Basud (10) has and (64) has in Brgy. Sooc, Lupi, Camarines Sur.


Forest Protection Related Activities


- 41 sacks of charcoal  thru mobile patrol


Apprehended Nestor Su Isidro for charcoal making at upper Bahi -  case filed at PPO Libmanan


Apprehended tricycle loaded w/ 15 sacks of wood charcoal (Ricardo Begosnia and Marlyn Loresto) of Sooc, Lupi case filed at PPO Libmanan(tricycle of Begosnia w/ for feature order from RO.)


14 sacks of charcoal and Cellphone confiscated to Arlan Aquino Carael of Tuaca – case filed at PPO Daet


Apprehended six wheeler closed Van Loaded w/ a sacks of wood charcoal from BNP - case filed at PPO Daet


49 pcs of Red/White lawan 6 pcs of G.Melina and Santol of sawn lumber w/ a total vol. of 306 boar ft were confiscated by Pa staff at Brgy. Caayunan subjected for ACP.


37 sacks of wood charcoal were confiscated thru mobile patrol

-deposited at CENRO Nursery


Apprehended Helario Bon and Cristiano Buet (escaped) of Tuaca,

Basud, C.N for cutting and charcoal making at sitio Nalisan, Basud, C.N-Case filed at Provincial Prosecutors Of Daet.

Total Apprehended forest products and conveyance

  • Ø107 wood charcoal
  • Ø55 pcs. of sawn lumber with total volume of 306 bd.ft
  • Ø2 tricycles (forfeited) and 1 six wheeler truck (released)
  • ØCases filed - 6



There were two (2) identified critical wetland areas in the province being monitored by the unit namely: Mambalite Mangrove Area and Manguisoc Mangrove Area which are situated at Brgy. Mambalite, Daet and Brgy.Manguisoc, Mercedes, Camarines Norte, respectively. Some of the Migratory birds visited said areas were Kentish Plover, Cattle Egret, Bittern, Brahminy Kite and associated birds like Maya-maya, White Colared Kingfisher, Sunbirds, Fantail etc. Aforesaid wetland areas were developed and maintained by the National Government, LG Units, conservation group of PO’s, Cam. Norte Water District and local community. As result of regular monitoring of both areas during the year there were no case of AVIAN Flu detected/reported in the area and province wide as well.

About forty (41) various facilities of individuals/hobbyists, stalls/petshops and farm owners in the province that have been issued with Certificate of Wildlife Registration were inventoried and monitored from 1st to 4th quarter of CY 2011. Based on the regular monitoring conducted mostly facilities with exotic wildlife like Parakeets, Cockatiele, Finches, Lovebirds have declined in their stocks due to pest, and were affected by series of typhoon that visited the province during the year, while endemic species showed positive status on their numbers even climate variation is frequently observed in the province.

Last March 24,2011 a marine turtle identified as Olive Ridley specie was stranded at Bagasbas shoreline. The stranding of the said fauna was initially reported to PNP based at Bagasbas, Daet, Cam. Norte by WEOs Carlito Ballesteros and Fernando Jesuro and thereafter reported to the DENR. The activity has been immediately verified by the undersigned and necessary data re:  the fauna has been gathered before it was finally buried along shoreline of San Miguel Bay, Bagasbas, Daet, Camarines Norte. Likewise, sometime in April 2011 a green sea turtle was tagged and released at San Miguel Bay San Roque, Mercedes, Camarines Norte. Said fauna was accidentally captured by a certain fisherman while he was on fishing activity. No tag has been recovered and applied on its flippers considering its carapace length and width is less than 40 centimeters.

The unit has also prepared quarterly statistical report as output for the regular monitoring on the status/numbers of registered and on non registered wildlife stocks of various facilities covered with Certificate of Wildlife Registration (CWR). The activity includes status of apprehended/confiscated flora and fauna and filed cases as well.



  • DENR Significant Activities Conducted/Facilitated:

Last February 2, 2011 a Tree planting activity in connection with World Wetland Day Celebration has been facilitated by the undersigned. It was spearheaded by the DENR with the collaboration of LGU-Mambalite, youth, civic organization, Rural Improvement Club (RIC), PO’s and farmers in Brgy. Mambalite, Daet, Camarines Norte. About 200 assorted seedlings of Red Lauan and Mahogany have been planted along wetland area and proposed Brgy. Mini Park. The activity was aimed to uplift public awareness of wetland values and benefits among citizenry.

Further on June 2011 a Provincial Eagle Quiz Contest for Elementary and Secondary Education has been facilitated too. Said event was sponsored by the DENR and it was attended by different representatives from various public and private schools in the province. The champion on both levels represented the province in the Battle of the Eagles conducted at the Regional Level last June 29, 2011.

  • IEC Activities:

Lectures on Ecological solid Waste Management, Global Warming, Biodiversity Conservation Program and Wildlife Act have been conducted by the undersigned at Jose Panganiban National High School, Vinzons Pilot Elementary and High School level during their YES-O Camp activity sometime in April and May 2011. About 150-200 students on both levels have attended said lecture. Likewise, same topic was discussed before the CNSC-NSTP students, joint NSTP CNSC-Talobatib and CNSC main campus CN last July 2011. Around 150 college students have attended said activity. Lastly on the  3rd quarter of 2011 a lecture on ESWM and Biodiversity Conservation Program has been undertaken before the Army Reserve Battalions Philippine Military based at Bagasbas, Daet CN. The seminar was held at Labo Elementary School and Daet Elementary School on separate date and was attended by around 150-200 reservists representing different municipalities in the province.

  • ECA Certification Issuance:

There were six (6) proposed firms/ projects inspected/verified for CY 2011 that have been issued with ECA Certification they are enumerated as follows; Small Scale Mining Projects-2 firms located at Paracale, CN; United Concrete Technologies Phil. Inc. -1 firm located at Paracale, Cam. Norte; Socialized Housing /Subdivision Project- 1 located at Sta. Elena, CN, 1 located at Paracale and 1 located at Daet, Cam. Norte. Of the 6 firms 1 has been verified to be within Environmentally Critical Area (ECA) and all the rest were found to be within Non-environmentally Critical Area. 

  • Ecological Solid Waste Management (ESWM) Activities:

The monitoring of LGUs compliance on the implementation of RA 9003 otherwise known as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 particularly the preparation of Safe Closure and Rehabilitation Plan of LGUs existing Open dumpsite and controlled dumpsite and implementation of such plan as well has been conducted by the undersigned.

Based on the inspection conducted the municipality of Basud did not  complied with the preparation of Safe Closure Plan(SCRP) of their existing dumpsite despite series of coordination made with the LGU-Basud. Similarly, the municipalities of Sta. Elena, Capalonga, and Mercedes have complied majority of compliance requirements on the closure and rehabilitation of existing disposal facilities, while municipalities of Daet, Labo, Paracale, Jose Panganiban and Vinzons have no partial/initial activities implemented within their Open Dumpsite/CDF despite notification on Authority To Close (ATC) Open/Controlled Dumpsite Facility has been issued to the aforesaid localities. List of Municipalities within SCRP and ATC-OD/CDF are: a)Mercedes b)Vinzons c)Labo d)Daet e)Paracale f)Jose Panganiban g)Capalonga h)Sta.Elena.




The Integrated Coastal Management Training was conducted on December 8-9, 2011 at Wiltan Hotel Daet. It was attended by 60 participants/ representatives from nine (9) coastal municipalities in the Province of Camarines Norte especially the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinators, Municipal Agriculturist, Agricultural Tech, MFARMC’s, DILG, SB Member on Agriculture and Environment, Representatives from the Academic Sector and of course from DENR Daet. Resource Speakers were CMMD Chief, Rebecca Matusalem, MIS Chief Fe Reganit and Mr. Julio Lopez. The training was facilitated by SFMS Dolores C. Vargas. 

The said training was conducted to prepare LGU’s and to help them comply to Executive Order No. 533 otherwise known as “Adopting ICM as a National Strategy to ensure the Sustainable Development of the Country’s Coastal and Marine Environment and Resources and Establishing Supporting Mechanisms for its implementation.



The Provincial Coastal Resources Management Certification-Technical Working Group of which the DENR is a member has been active in the evaluation of the submitted Coastal Resources Management Plan of the LGU’s of Capalonga and Daet for the purpose of CRM certification. These LGU’s have applied for the issuance of CRM certification preferably for level 2. The documents were submitted to the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist being the head of the Technical Working Group during the first semester of CY 2011. Same were being evaluated by the members of PCRMC who meet at the OPAg-FDD or at the CNSC Extension Office at Mercedes, Cam. Norte for the purpose. At present, the PCRMC-TWG is waiting for the response of the LGU’s Daet & Capalonga to complete the documents found lacking after evaluation.

Further, the PCRMC-TWG is now reviewing the submitted draft CRM plan of the LGU Talisay, Camarines Norte.



The 15 hectares Family Approach to Reforestation - Mangrove Reforestation Project funded under the Upland Development Program established in CY 2009 was provided fund for the maintenance and protection activities in CY 2010. After a year of accomplishing said activities the 15 families/recipients of the program has finally turned-over the project to the DENR in July 2011.

As of latest inspection conducted in July 2011, Bakawan planted (Rhizophoramucronata) in 2009 have prop roots and some of them have flowers. Said project was also visited by the representatives from the Department of Budget and Management - Legazpi City and their feedback was really impressive and inspiring.



The DENR has continuously extended technical assistance and provided seeds to the established mangrove forest nursery located at Camarines Norte State College, San Roque, Mercedes Campus. The Provincial Government have been providing fund for the maintenance of the seedlings planted while the DENR continuously provided additional seeds for propagation in addition to bakawan propagules initially raised there. In the middle of the year, seeds of pototan, tangal and malatangal, pagatpat and saging-saging were propagated. To date these seedlings are now plantable and ready for planting.

One good thing that happened was that this nursery became a source of planting materials by students and other group who conducted mangrove planting this year. In fact, at least 1,000  seedlings raised in this nursery were provided to planters and reforested about 0.5 hectares of denuded mangrove swamp in Bagasbas and San Roque, Mercedes, Camarines Norte.



  1. 1.Maintenance of Municipal Coastal Database

For this year, the nine (9) coastal municipalities have positively responded to our request to update their Municipal Coastal Database  such as Basud, Capalonga, Mercedes, Vinzons, Daet, Talisay, Paracale, Panganiban and Sta. Elena. 

  1. 2.Protection and Maintenance of Mangrove Areas

The maintenance and protection of mangrove plantations and natural stand consisting of 4,437.58 hectares have been continuously conducted by the CMMS and other forest officers. In addition thereto, they conducted field inspection of projects implemented by the DENR and other government agencies.

  1. 3.Rehabilitation of Mangrove Areas and beach forest by other stakeholders

There were at least 16.26 hectares of denuded mangrove  and eight (8) hectares of beach forests rehabilitated for CY 2011 by at least thirteen (13) stakeholders in the municipalities of Daet and Mercedes, Camarines Norte. There were 56,900 bakawan propagules collected from Brgy. Mambalite, Daet and Manguisoc, Mercedes and planted in the said areas. On the otherhand, in the islands of Caringo  and Quinapaguian  Mercedes, species planted were wildlings of bani, bahai and botong  which were found abundant in the locality and suitable for planting in these islands, to wit:





  1. 1.Bantayog Therapeutic Community/Parolees & Probationers c/o Ma. Corazon Pontanal, Chief PPO



So. Pinag-iradan, Bagasbas, Daet  (July 21, 2011)




P4 Bagasbas, Daet,CN

(Oct. 1, 2011)

  1. 3.CNSC



P4 Bagasbas,DCN (Oct.29,2011)

  1. 4.CNSC-YES-O



P4 Bagasbas,DCN

  1. 5.Phil. Medical Society



P4 Bagasbas,DCN (Oct.2,2011)

  1. 6.BagasbasMangrove Devt. Association



P4 Bagasbas

(Nov. 5,2011)

  1. 7.Phil.Navy & Coastguard

500 (potted)   


San Roque, Mercedes, CN (Oct.13, 2011)

  1. 8.ManguisocFisherfolks Multipurpose Cooperative & DENR-MPC



Manguisoc, Mercedes

August 12, 2011

  1. 9.LBDFI & CNKUI



  1. (May 30,2011)
  2. 10.Red Cross – CN Chapter &Brgy.Pinagtigasan



Pinagtigasan, Vinzons

August, 2011

  1. 11.Red Cross – CN Chapter & Brgy. Apuao



Apuao, Mercedes

August, 2011




  1. 12.Philippine Red Cross- CN Chapter & Brgy. Quinapaguian

18,000 beach species


Quinapaguian, Mercedes

August, 2011

  1. 13.Philippine Red Cross-CNBrgy. Caringo

18,000 beach species


Caringo, Mercedes

August, 2011





Of the total areas reforested, 23 hectares were covered with Memorandum of Agreement under the National Greening Program. One most important thing about this was that these areas were rehabilitated  at a very minimal cost on the part of the DENR since reforestation was done through social mobilization including the purchase of propagules. The DENR provided assistance on the preparation of development plan, site identification and species selection.


  1. International Coastal Clean-up

The Beach Clean-up in observance of the International Coastal Clean-up Day was conducted by PENRO and CENRO Personnel together with the Coast Guard along the beach of Bagasbas, Daet on September 23, 2011. Wastes collected were 46 kgs. within 2.3 km beach area. After which, the group conducted clean-up in the Mangrove area of the said barangay. They have collected 70 kgs. of plastics, diapers and other solid wastes.

  1. Information, Education Campaign (IEC)

The Department of Education, Camarines Norte and other entities kept on requesting resource speakers for  Environmental Symposia and we did not fail them. For CY 2011, FMS II Concepcion A. Romero, PIO designate have conducted at least fifteen (17) lectures attended by  about 3,130 participants, as follows:




  1. Climate Change adaptation ( PRC-CN Disaster Mgnt. Course Training of Trainers)

March 7, 2011

Wiltan Hotel, Daet

30 PRC-CN staff & volunteers

  1. Global Warming and Climate Change on the Context of Mangrove Management

March 19, 2011 Labo Elem. Sch.

200 members of PA Army reserve command

  1. Environmental Forum for Children

July 2, 2011

Basud, Elem. Sch., Basud, CN

200 Supreme Pupil Govt. & YES-O members of BES.

  1. Biodiversity Conservation

July 13, 2011

Basud Natl. HS

250 2nd yr. HS students of BNHS(main campus)

  1. Biodiversity Conservation

July 14, 2011

Basud Natl HS

250 2nd yr. HS students (Extension)

  1. Importance of Mangrove Ecosystem

July 21, 2011

Bagasbas Pavillon

100 parolees , probationers and PPO volunteers

  1. Ist Sch. Based YES-O Camp “ Save Mother Earth, Save our Lives”

July 23, 2011

Tigbinan Natl., HS

250 HS students and YES-O members

  1. Global Warming & Climate Change

Vinzons  Pilot Elem. School ( July 28, 2011)

100 pupils

  1. Environmental Awareness & Conservation

Magsaysay Nat’l. High School

(Oct. 7, 2011)

250 High School students

  1. 10.Symposium on Global warming and Climate Change

Mabini College MC MRI Hall, Daet, CN

( October 8, 2011)

250 college & HS students

  1. Climate Change  & Plantation Establishment

Alawihao National High School

( Oct. 15, 2011)

200 students

  1. Environmental protection and Leadership

San Vicente Parochial School October 15, 2011

200 HS students


  1. Importance of Mangrove Ecosystem

Oct. 22, 2011

Alay sa kalikasan Mangrove Tree Planting, Bagasbas, Daet, CN


  1. 7thFisherfolk Congress

SB Session Hall, Capalonga

(Nov. 24, 2011)

50 fisherfolk /BFARMC and members of TUGPA Capalonga

  1. National Greening Program

Malatap Elem. Sch.

( Nov. 26, 2011)

200 pupils, Labo West District

  1. “Ako ay Handa: Climate Change adaptation and Disaster Preparedness

Froilan Lopez Technical Vocational High School, San Vicente, Camarines Norte ( December 6, 2011)

200 HS students

  1. 3P’s :People, Planet , Profit Geared Towards Sustainable Business Growth

Dec. 13, 2011

CNSC Social Hall

200 CNSC-CBPA JPI Accountants

The lectures have seemingly generated positive responses from the participants as they volunteered for the tree planting activities in the Urban areas and participated in the National Greening Program of the government.

IEC – Symposium Conducted/School Visited.

For CY 2011, one of the major symposium conducted by the Office is the Provincial NGP Summit  held at Wiltan Hotel last  12 July 2011 wherein a total of 72 participants attended to aware themselves on NGP Project Implementation.

Another is the  Integrated Coastal Management Training conducted last December 8 -9, 2011 at Wiltan Hotel wherein 60 participants from different coastal municipalities in the province of Camarines Norte attended the said occasions. Primary objectives of the said endeavor isto prepare LGU’s and to help them comply to Executive Order No. 533 otherwise known as “Adopting ICM as a National Strategy to ensure the Sustainable Development of the Country’s Coastal and Marine Environment and Resources and Establishing Supporting Mechanisms for its implementation. (Please see other lectures/symposia being conducted by the Office under the CMM’s Section accomplishments)



The different environmental project i.e. National Greening Program (NGP), the Upland Development Project (UDP), Bicol River Basin Watershed Development Project (BRBWDP), the Libmanan Pulantuna Watershed Management Project (LPWMP), and other development Project related activities implemented by the office  focus on one directions leading to climate change adaptation  and mitigation. The development of identified denuded/marginal land in  the given site will somehow contribute in the restoration of denuded areas back  into its original state. Also one activity leading to the climate change mitigation and adaptation being conducted by the Office is the holding of lectures and seminar to make the people aware on the importance of having a clean environment and well protected and maintained natural resources of the county.




  • National Greening Program (with breakdown)
  • Forestland Delineation Program (list of town and cities completed, pending …)
  • Community-based Forest Management Program
  • Tenurial instruments issued
  • Cadastral Survey
  • Handog Titulo
  • Protected Area Management Program
  • List of PA
  • Wildlife Management Program
  • Coastal and Marine Management Program
  • Geohazard Assessment and Mapping Program
  • Mining Projects
  • Adopt-an-estero program
  • Research programs/projects in the province



The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Bicol through the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) Albay headed by Forester Imelda D. Baltazar conducted its People’s Day today, January 24, 2020 at the Bagumbayan Central School, Washington, Legazpi City.

Some two hundred (200) Grade 6 pupils were present for the presentation of the Responsible Mining and Geohazard Awareness by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) V given by Information Officer Kristine May C. Baldeo, the Solid Waste Management by the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) V given by Engr. Christine N. Bañares and Philippine Biodiversity presented by Joana Marie A. Portugal.

“We are grateful to the DENR for conducting this IEC in our school to keep our students informed about environmental protection,” said the Bagumbayan Central School Principal Ms. Mary Christine N. Agarin.

The activity sparked with the appearance of “Greeny” – the DENR V Mascot, “Mina”, MGB V's mascot and “Veron” from the EMB V which added to the pupils’ fun and excitement during the activity.

The People’s Day is part of the Information, Education Campaign (IEC) conducted by the DENR to communities and schools alike, which aims to increase and strengthen environmental awareness and protection. *DJNJaylo


Photo Releases

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Bicol, along with its line bureaus, the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) V and the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) V kickstarted the year with the launching of its mascots on January 6, 2020 at the DENR V Gymnasium.

At least 18 endangered Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) turtles, locally known as “Mukoy”, were released to the shores of Barangay Sibago, Donsol, Sorsogon by the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) Sorsogon, Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) of Donsol, Sorsogon, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Large Marine Vertebrates (LAMAVE) on January 13, 2020.

Outgoing OIC, PENRO of Sorsogon Ma. Fe P. Reganit turned-over her duties and responsibilities to OIC, PENR Officer Herleo O. Pavericio. Consequently, outgoing San Jacinto CENR Officer Herleo O. Pavericio turned-over his duties and responsibilities to Supervising Ecosystem Management Specialist (SVEMS) Basil S. Camba.


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